Our Classes​​
Kids  Class  (Ages 4 - 7)

At this age, your children are rapidly growing mentally, physically, and socially.

The experiences that they have now will be essential to their success in life.

Our experienced instructors will help your children enhance their skills, their ability to follow directions, and ability to socialize with other children. 
Children  Class  (Ages 8 - 10)
The Children Class emphasizes the personal development of our students.

We teach our students to use positive reinforcement to build Confidence, Self-Discipline, Coordination, and Focus. Our well-trained instructors have years of experience not just in martial arts, but also in child development.

 At Champion Martial Arts Academy, children will build character and learn values that will prepare them for their future.
Pre Teen / Teen Class   (Ages 11 - 14)
Our Pre-teen / T​een classes are great for new and experienced martial artists as they offer more advanced and challenging techniques which are a vital part of associating what we learn in the studio to real world scenarios.

As the adolocent age is a very prime and important stage of development , our pre-teens and teens learn to protect themselves not only physically but mentally as well.
Teens / Adults  Class  (Ages 15 and above)
Our Teens & Adults class offers a system that effectively combines the power of the body and the mind to increase your energy, discipline, and fitness for a longer, happier, and healthier life.

You will learn the physical and mental skills to defend yourself and your family, if necessary.

Our Adults Students love that our classes provide a nice total body workout, which reduce stress and improves fitness.

We also teach the basics of Jeetkunedo, Judo Jujitsu, weapons with mainly Taekwondo and Hapkido training. 
Sparring Class

In our Sparring class, the students will learn Olympic style Taekwondo sparring, Kickboxing and Judo/Jujitsu. 
Weapon  Class
-  Long Staff
-  Kumdo
-  Nunchaku
-  Arnis
-  Fans
-  DanBong